Restaurant & Bar

Myat Taw Win restaurant is indeed restaurant as well as amazing Chinese cuisine specially prepared by Master Chef Wu You Min and group of Chefs from China.

If you are looking for the real Chinese food, you should definitely come to the Hotel Myat Taw Win!

Business Hours – Open Daily(Early Morning to Mid of Evening
Restaurant Capacity – Up to 150 Seater

You will find the fantastic seafood likes ALive Lobster, Salmon, Shishamo, Green Shell Mussel, Ocean Trout, ALive Grouper & Mantis(Slipper Lobster) and different kinds of Crab are so delicious!

If you are Vegetarian, also can order variety of Vegetables in different sauce.And you can order excellent Shark’s Fin Soup, Abalone, Fresh/Dry Scallop, Fish Maw, Seacucmber, Bird’s Nest and homemake Noodle/Daily special soup in different cooking style.